Getting Your Film To The Big Wide World

sam square

Understanding domestic and international sales and distribution; pitching and positioning; giving you and your project a better chance of success.


This blog is intended:

  • to demystify the dark art of international sales, distribution and film festivals.
  • to help you understand how to best pitch and position your film so that the likes of me are interested when you approach us.
  • not to mention advice on how to approach us.
  • how to think about what we are looking for before you even set out to write the script.
  • to give you a pile of information about genre. I talk a lot about genre because I intend to convince you to become a master of yours.



05 Apr
15 Career Launching British Debut Films

If you want to launch a lasting career  as a director, you had better choose your first film wisely. I've selected  fifteen widely varying...