05 Feb 25 British Films of the Last Five Years You Should See

cinema_LiltingCall Yourself a Filmmaker? I’ve met many, many, many people who want to be filmmakers. What I find utterly staggering is how many of them watch so few movies.

Your “type of film”. It doesn’t matter if it’s not your type of film. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t the kind of film you want to make. It doesn’t matter if you’ve heard it isn’t any good. Shame on you if you haven’t heard of it though.

THE-GOOB-1-HERO-664x442Research. If you call yourself a filmmaker, this is your job. It’s called “research”. What a great job to have, so shut up, stop complaining.

Don’t be a snob.
 You cannot afford to be a snob;  I know no film execs at any level who are snobs about movies, we just love movies. So, if you are, we won’t like you because you think your taste is better than ours.

Avoid embarrassment. And, if it is your job and you find yourself in a meeting talking about your job and asking berberian-sound-studiopeople like me for money or partnership, you are going to be embarrassed if you haven’t done your research, or, at least, you should be.

This list
is a list I’ve curated and I’m assuming you’ve seen all the obvious ones missing from here like 45 Years, Shame, Amy, Kill List and Dad’s Army (I mean it, don’t be a snob). There’s a reason each one of these is on this list. Watch them, ask me.

  1. maxresdefault (1)’71
  2. Belle
  3. Berberian Sound Studio
  4. Catch Me Daddy
  5. Dreams of a Life
  6. Duke of Burgundy
  7. Falling, The
  8. Frank
  9. The Goob
  10. Dean and Jimmy at DoorThe Hallow
  11. Lilting
  12. The Lobster
  13. Locke
  14. Man Up
  15. Paddington
  16. Pride
  17. Second Coming
  18. The Selfish Giant
  19. Sightseers
  20. the-falling-aimee-spinksSilent Storm
  21. Suffragette
  22. We Need to Talk About Kevin
  23. The Weekend
  24. Wild Bill
  25. X + Y



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