Why Hire Me?


Experience. I have been in the international sales area for twenty years, sourcing, developing, launching and selling British and American, and occasionally Australian and foreign language, films and documentaries to the worldwide distribution community and festivals.


FullSizeRender (16)Expertise. I know the international buyers, and more importantly, the audiences, their movie viewing habits and advancing technologies, their likes and dislikes, their quirks and eccentricities, their censorship laws, their TV quotas, and I understand, inside and out, what they want to watch and where and how they watch it.


Honest and realistic. Many people set off down the path of developing a movie without an audience, local let alone international, let alone non-theatrical, in mind, romantically believing that if it’s good it will find an audience. Sorry, but the chances of this happening are extremely slim.


Creative advice from a commercial angle. Here’s where I can help. I will give you an honest set of notes appraising your project’s commercial viability in the market, based on script and package (if there is one): whether it’s likely to strike its target audience and if not why not; what it may need in order to get interest from sales, distribution or production companies; whether it has the right elements for its genre.


Detailed advice. Notes may include elements such as “the pitch”, the concept, subject, story, tone, characters, dialogue, setting and anything taking it down the wrong path, and ideas as to how to get it back on track. I will show you the way to give it the best possible chance of success, and if I think it has no chance, I will tell you that too. And if I think it’s working, I can put you in touch with the right people.


  • I can give you advice on positioning and how to put the pitch package together.
  • You can bring me in at first or any draft.
  • You can use me to test the water before going out widely to distributors or sales companies.
  • Or you can contact me to find out the honest truth as to why your project may not be landing which people may not be telling you.
  • You can also hire me as a development consultant throughout the process, but I will only come on board a project, and a team, that I believe in.